Your Wedding Day should be the most beautiful day in your life. Romance and style largely determine the atmosphere of this very special day. The flower arrangements should harmonise with the personality of the bride and the atmosphere of the wedding. The bridal bouquet must be unforgettable, just like the flowers for the bridesmaids, the pageboy, the parents, the groom, and all other decorations for the special day, such as the reception, the church and the bridal suite.

The Bridal Bouquet

Every bride desires beautiful and unique bouquet that will match her dress. The dress and bouquet must be tuned into each other, in order to make the overall look complete. The style of your bridal bouquet can be classic, modern or experimental. It should, however, always be personal and reflect your style.

Car decorations

On your wedding day you may travel between venues in a vehicle decorated with flowers, a chic Rolls Royce, a carriage, or your own car. In any case, a beautiful car decoration can provide the extra romance and thrill on the day.

Room decorations

Imagine yourself entering the reception. The first thing you see is a lovely welcome flower arrangement standing next to the gift table. You see the whole room is filled with lovely flowers and arrangements.


There are many ideas and possibilities for wedding flowers. They contribute to making your wedding day an unforgettable party. There are many styles and flower combinations you can have. Your favorite flowers can be arranged in your bridal bouquet, or have another certain combination in a different style of bouquet. If desired you can give your wedding day special meaning by using symbolic flowers. For example roses belong to romance. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless! Let us make your flower wishes come true.

When you have decided to let us design for you

We require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 in order to secure your booking. This will be deducted from the total balance. Six to eight weeks before the wedding, we will meet to discuss designs and make selections. Bring samples of fabrics or photos, anything which may help us to clearly see what you are hoping for.

Professional advice

Our floral designers are creative professionals who can give specific advice on the best choice for all your wedding flowers in which the Bouquets of Bouquets - your bridal bouquet - is of course the most important.

Order Form

In order to make your flowers exactly what you want, our floral designers use an order form to obtain information such as the wedding dress style, colours, flowers suggested, corsages, bridesmaid dresses, hairstyles and so on. Every detail is put down in writing so we can help make this an unforgettable experience. The choice of wedding dress, reception room, church and vehicles should already be made in early stages. To make sure everything goes well together you should also choose the wedding flowers timely. An early reservation will give our floral designers the opportunity to prepare as necessary.

Wedding flower costs

The amount of money you would like to spend on your bridal bouquet and other flower work is completely dependent on your wishes and budget. It is however not possible to precisely indicate the cost of every part, as these depend on the season, the price of flowers at the time, rare materials and so on. You can have the flower decorations as detailed as you wish. We do however give you a guideline of the prices you may expect. The final price strongly depends on what you decide to have in your bouquet and what is in season. If you have any questions about you wedding arrangement, please call us on 02 4367 7496 or email us.

What's in season and what's not?

If you want to have daffodils in your wedding arrangment, there's no way you can have a Valetines Day wedding - daffodils are only in season between June to November. Please use the table below to see which flowers are available when.

Flower Genus Season
Achillea Achillea Jan, Jun
African Violet Saintpaulia All Year
Agapanthus Agapanthus Oct - Feb
Ageratum Ageratum All Year
Allium Allium Oct - Jan
Alstroemeria Alstroemeria All Year
Amaranthus Amaranthus Jan, Mar, Apr
Amaryllis Amaryllis Spring
Anthurium Anthurium All Year
Apple Blossom Malus Jul - Aug
Artichoke Cynara Dec -Jan
Asiatic Lily Lilium All Year
Asparagus Protasparagus All Year
Aster Aster All Year
Azalea Azalea Spring
Baby's Breath Gypsophila All Year
Begonia Begonia All Year
Billy Buttons Pycnosorus Dec - Apr, Jul
Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Feb - Oct
Blue Gum Eucalyptus All Year
Blushing Bride Serruria Jul - Sept
Boronia Boronia Jan, Sept - Nov
Boston Fern Nephrolepis All Year
Bouvardia Bouvardia Nov - Jul
Brodiaea Brodiaea Dec - Jan
Buddleia Buddleia Nov - March
Byfield Fern Bowenia All Year
Calceolaria Calceolaria Spring
Calendula Calendula Jun - Oct
Calla Lily Zantedeschia Sep - Jan
Camellia Camellia All Year
Campanula Campanula Oct - Nov
Candytuft Iberis All Year
Canterbury Bell Campanula Jul - Aug, Nov - Dec
Carnation Dianthus All Year
Carnation (mediterranean) Dianthus All Year
Carnation (piccolo) Dianthus All Year
Carnation (pixie) Dianthus All Year
Carnation (pixie) Dianthus All Year
Carnation (sim) Dianthus All Year
Carnation (spray) Dianthus All Year
Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra All Year
Cattleya Orchid Cattleya Autumn
Celosia Celosia All Year
Cherry Bush Persoonia All Year
Christmas Bells Blandfordia Nov - Dec
Christmas Bush Blandfordia Nov - Dec
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum All Year
Chrysanthemum (disbud) Chrysanthemum May
Chrysanthemum (field) Chrysanthemum Nov - May
Chrysanthemum (glasshouse) Chrysanthemum All Year
Cockscomb Celosia Jan - May
Cordifolium Leucospermum Feb, Aug - Dec
Cornflower Centaurea Sept - Jun
Cosmos Cosmos Sep - Mar, May, Jul
Crabapple Malus Dec - Jan
Cyclamen Cyclamen Winter - Spring
Cymbidium Orchid Cymbidium Autumn - Winter
Daffodil Narcissus May - Oct
Dahlia Dahlia Oct - May
Daisy Chrysanthemum All Year
Delphinium Delphinium All Year
Delphinium Delphinium All Year
Early Cheer Narcissus Jun - Sept
Easter Daisy Aster Jan - Apr, Sept - Dec
Emilia Emilia Sept - May
Emu Bush Eremophila All Year
Everlasting Daisy Bracteantha Feb - May, Aug - Sep
Exotic leaves (Assorted) All Year
Flat Pine Pinus All Year
Flax Linum All Year
Foliage (Assorted) All Year
Forget-me-not Myosotis All Year
Freesia Freesia Jan - Nov
Gardenia Gardenia Dec -Jan, Jun - Aug
Geraldton Wax Chamelaucium May - Oct
Gerbera Gerbera All Year
Ginger Zingiber Summer
Gladiolus Gladiolus All Year
Gloxinia Sinningia Spring, Summer
Godetia Clarkia Aug - Nov
Golden Pine Pinus All Year
Green Goddess Zantedeschia May - Oct
Grevillea Grevillea October, Jan
Gum Eucalyptus All Year
Gymea Leaves Doryanthes All Year
Gymea Lily Doryanthes Jan
Gypsy Dianthus Jul, Sept - Feb
Heliconia Heliconia All Year
Helleborus Helleborus Aug - Jan
Hyacinth Hyacinthus Mar - Oct
Hydrangea Hydrangea Nov - Apr
Hypericum Hypericum Aug - Jan
Hypoxis Hypoxis Winter
Iris Iris All Year
Jasmine Jasminum All Year
Jonquil Narcissus Jun - Sept
Kangaroo Paw Anigosanthos All Year
King Protea Protea Feb - Jun, Aug - Dec
Larkspur Consolida Oct - Feb
Laurel Laurus nobilis All Year
Lavender Lavandula All Year
Leather Fern Polypodium All Year
Leucadendron Leucadendron All Year
Liatris Liatris Feb - Dec
Lisianthus Eustoma All Year
Love in the Mist Nigella Jan, Jul - Sep
Lucky Plant Sansevieria All Year
Maidenhair fern Asplenium All Year
Matricaria Matricaria Oct - Feb
Ming Fern Polyscias Feb - Dec
Mini Gerbera Gerbera All Year
Miniature Rose Rosa All Year
Misty Eupatorium Oct - Mar
Misty Blue Eupatorium All Year
Molucca Balm Moluccella Jan - Feb, Jul - Nov
Native Foliage (Assorted) All Year
Natives (Assorted) All Year
Nerine Nerine Mar - May
November Lily Lilium All Year
Nut top Isopogen All Year
Orchids (Assorted) All Year
Oriental Lily Lilium All Year
Palm leaves (Assorted) All Year
Paper Daisy Acroclinium All Year
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum All Year
Peony Paeonia All Year
Peony Rose Paeonia Oct - Nov
Pertostram Eugionedes All Year
Phalaenopsis Orchid Phalaenopsis Spring
Pine Pinus All Year
Pinwheel Aeonium May - Sept
Pittosporum rhombifolium Pittosporum Apr - May
Poinsettia Euphorbia December
Poppy Papaver Jun - Sept
Poppy Papaver Spring
Potentilla Potentilla Oct - Dec
Protea Protea Jan - Jun
Pussy Willow Salix caprea Jan - Mar, Jun - Jul
Pussyfoot Ageratum May - July
Queen Anne's Lace Gilia capitata Oct - Jan
Ranunculus Ranunculus Spring
Red Hot Pokers Kniphofia Jan, Mar - Jun
Reed Grass Calamagrostis All Year
Reflixum Leucospermum May - Sept
Repens Protea Feb - Jun
Rhododendron Rhododendron Jun - Oct
Rice Flower Pimelea Sept - Nov, Jan
Rose Rosa All Year
Scabiosa Scabiosa Jan
Scholtzia Scholtzia Jan, Feb
Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum Sept - Mar
Silvan Leucadendron All Year
Singapore Orchid Dendrobium All Year
Smokebush Conospermum Jan, Jul - Oct
Snapdragon Antirrhinum All Year
Solidaster Solidaster All Year
South Australian Daisy Ixodia December
Spear Grass Stipa All Year
Spray of Gold Tristellateia All Year
Statice Limonium All Year
Stock Matthiola Mar - Nov
Strelitzia Strelitzia May - Jan
Sunflower Helianthus All Year
Sweet Pea Lathyrus All Year
Sweet William Dianthus May - Nov
Tea Tree Leptospermum Mar - Dec
Thryptomene Thryptomene Jun - Oct
Tiger Flower Tigridia All Year
Tiger Lily Lilium All Year
Tortured Willow Salix All Year
Tropical Foliage (Assorted) All Year
Tuberose Polianthes Dec - Feb, Aug - Sept
Tulip Tulipa Feb - Nov
Umbrella Fern Sticherus All Year
Violet Viola Jan, Jun - Jul
Wallflower Cheiranthus Winter - Spring
Waratah Telopea Jul - Nov
Water Lily Nymphaea Oct - Mar
Yellow Bells Tecoma Aug - Oct
Yellow Matricaria Matricaria Summer - Autumn
Yellow Rice Flower Pimelea Oct - Nov
Zebra Aphelandra All Year
Zinnia Zinnia Sept - May

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